Landlord not signing contract - move in day 3 days

Our landlord has not signed our contract even though we move in in 3 days. We signed over a month ago. They keep having an excuse about a new document or letter they are waiting on before they can sign. It is now Friday, Open Rent office is closed over the weekend and we are meant to be collecting keys on Monday. Our hands are tied… if we pull out (not entirely our choice) we lose holding deposit, if we do nothing the landlord doesn’t sign we are homeless come next week and if they decide to sign last minute we will then have to quickly mobilise to move in and commit to paying rent to them. We are really nervous and don’t know what we can do?
Open rent’s response today was that they have chased the landlord for us and hope they sign soon. This also doesn’t give me any comfort.

Any advice on how we can either get an answer today or pull out without loosing our holding deposit?

The landlord doesnt need to sign the agreement to make it valid. If youve been offered a tenancy and youve agreed and paid the first months rent, then you likely have a contract and can collect the keys as planned. The only exception might be if the TA included the words "subject to contract*

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