Letter from enviromental health officer

hi all,

got a letter from enviromental health officer after i have given my tenant a section 21 notice, they mentioned this to me

The self-closer, strips and seals are required for this door. ie to my tenants individual flat door

i just want to ask your opinions on whether this is a legal requirement or just an oberservation made by him on his site visit, also this building is grade 2 listed plus its only 2 floors with 4 flats


Yes I have this on my flats

Does it say that this is an Improvement Notice? If not, it should not affect your s21.

No it’s not an improvement letter, it’s an inspection letter

It says “is to determine whether any functions under any parts 1-4 or 7 of the housing act 2004 should be excerised in relation to the premises”

I think the tenant wants it to lead to an improvement notice as I read the below from the gov website

The council has served an improvement notice on the property in the last 6 months

is that the only improvement/ requirement asked for?

No but that was the main one, the other two are minor and not irrelevant

Double glazing but I have said to the officer I cannot do it as it’s a grade 2 listed building all I can do is replace like for like, the EPC is D rating so it’s fine

Third point was the tenant is complaining about bulbs flickering but he did not see any evidence of this, I showed him the updated EICR and he was happy

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that is an easy fix less than a days work for a joiner

If the Council has served an improvement notice within the last 6 months, what was that for, has it been fixed and have you spoken to the Council about discharging the notice? If not, your s21 may be invalid if this was for an issue the tenant had previously written to you about.

They haven’t sent an improvement notice, they just sent me an inspection letter for now, who knows if they will send an improvement notice, do you think they will for the door closer and the seals?

i will be surprised if they do not follow it up. esp, if the tenant gets in touch with them . this is not much of a job . Why hesitate The itu strip can go in the door itself ,easier by far than putting it into the frame

The only reason I know about the issues he’s raised is because I emailed him about the inspection as I wasn’t aware of the inspection in the first place hence why I emailed him

Now he’s given me the issues I’m wondering will these issues be the improvement list

I wonder, if these issues are sorted, can T make another complaint with different issues, then again? Or once they complained, if they failed to mention other issues, they can’t reopen the complaint again? Can anybody help?

If you get on and address the issue, keeping evidence of any access refusals by the tenant, then it should not affect your s21. Keep the Council informed.

Is it from personal experience or is legally supported?

Yes I’m going to be doing the issues he’s raised, the door closer as the other two point the bulbs flickering and double glazing are not valid at all as I’ve said it’s grade 2 listed hence why I can’t put double glazing in and it’s passed the EICR so there’s no issue with the electrics

What I’m saying is as I’ve already issued the s21 before I got the investigation letter which may or may not lead into an improvement notice, the s21 can still go ahead can’t it

Its s33 of the Deregulation Act 2015

Some doors don’t necessarily need intumescent strips ! Deepens on various factors like fire alarm access to fire escape etc, I would have a chat with fire officer and get his views

Flat front door onto a common area always needs itu strip

but does the front door to the actual flat in question need a door shutter, is this an actual legal requirement or is he just being petty?

it needs a door closer He has told you everything correctly not only that but it should have 3 steel hinges of minimum 4" deep. (not a lot of people know that. incl enviro. officers)