Subletting through a Company

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I am currently advertising a flat through OpenRent and I’ve been approached by a Company who want to rent the flat for 3 years (with a 6 months break clause) They plan to furnish the flat and let it to contractors and corporate clients. They have said that my Lease, Management Company and Lender has to allow subletting… it all seems legit and I’m very interest however I wonder if anyone here has had experience of this and what your thought are?

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There is already a thread with all the pitfalls and links so you can research it


do not do it …read past coments

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'Nuff said by A_A and Colin3. I get approached by scam artists like these all the time and tell them where to stick their ‘generous terms’ and ‘professional conduct’.

Also, report this to OpenRent as they are not legitimate tenant enquiries. There is a ‘click here’ button to report agents or other ‘non-tenants’. I have so many of these that every time I advertise now say on my advert 'no rent-to-rent companies.

They have discovered that OpenRent is all private landlords, no agents and think that we are not up to speed…wink:

Hi Karen, i have a similar company contacted me to rent my property for their guests and will give me the rent i am asking. They already viewed my property and offered me three months rent in advance. Make you very interested, can you plz tell me about your experiences with them? Are they legit?
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Rent to Rent causes problems for landlords even when run by reputable companies. I would strongly advise against it.

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I have a very long barge pole you can borrow. I wouldn’t go anywhere near a RtR agreement or the people hawking them.

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