Letting out property 1st time

Hi, I am going to let out the property 1st time (Newly Landlord), looking for some advise. have found two tenants one of them is living & working in uk, whereas other one living abroad in Europe, who will join the 1st one in couple of months later.

could you give me some advise regarding referencing , should I have to do the referencing for both & legal paper work (Like passport check etc.). Many thanks in advance.

Samina reference both, check passports of both, earnings of .both every time. Scroll thru every subject on this site and you will get some good tips,Dont forget to check their right to reside in the uk and thus be able to rent to them. Get as many details as possible from them

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@Collin3, Thanks for your advise. I have two adults tenant (Mother & daughter),first tenant is living & working in UK and second tenant (Mother of 1st tenant, 70 years old lady) who is living in Europe & will join her daughter 2 / 3 months later. in this case, what would you suggest to me regarding referencing & legal paper work etc. I do appreciate for any advise. Thanks

Collect all same data and more such as bank statements, online checks, credit checks, I.D as all tenants presumably are on the same AST therefore will be jointly and/or solely legally responsible.

don’t forget to obtain pension details