Tenants from overseas returning to UK

A potential tenant and his wife have put a holding deposit down for my house and they’ve recently returned from living in Dubai. They are semi retired and already landlords but want to rent in my area in view of settling here permanently. I’ve read that it might be pointless to do the credit check/referencing. Does anyone have any idea what I should ask to see? They say they have proof of savings/money etc. is there anything else? Many thanks

Unless they have UK passports (which you need to see) they need to get share codes from the home office which you then need to check on the home office system.

I’d take that to mean they are British expats.

If they’re landlords here, they’ll have bank accounts here and credit cards and all sorts. Yes do the checks and get 6 months bank statements both UK and overseas. When we returned from overseas, we had all our statements from overseas banks as well as plenty of financial activity already in the UK. They’ll likely have the same

But more important than a history of managing money is what they’re going to do for income now that they’re semi retired.

You shouldn’t assume anything! the consequences are pretty serious if you rent to people who don’t have the right to rent.

Er… I meant in terms of what the op wrote, not reality… :man_facepalming: