Likely Scam and Potential Harm to Landlords

We were contacted and had a viewing from a company called ‘Professionals in Property’. They claim to act as an agent for a company that places international employees who are being re-located. The terms they offer seem very attractive, 2 years minimum, weekly cleaners included, full asking price and decision in 24 hours. They get 5% of the two years up front to be transferred to a company (Santa Fe Ltd.). They have a web site and their representative comes and acts out the role convincingly, he has a card and so on.
Acting on the premis that if it is too good to be true it probably is, I looked at their supposed address and found no reference to their office (but it is cleverly chosen to be in a large tower block). Their accounts show that it is a one man band with a series of ‘Struck off’ and ‘Striking off stopped’, notes on them. A single Nigerian gentleman is the sole official of the company. I mention his nationality as, if the money gets to Nigeria you will never ever see it again.
I took this no further but it struck me that this is a classic and rather polished scam that could really hurt private landlords.
On saying I’d not take it further, he came back offering above the asking price and a lower commission.
I wonder whether there is any guidance or protection that Open Rent or the community could offer to others.
Many thanks,

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Hi Nick, thanks for your post.

If you can send us a message here with any details of why you think this person is suspicious and any evidence we can investigate it from there. If you have any direct messages with them feel free to add screenshots or forward them to us.

Thanks, Elinor