Bank warning for open rent bank details scam

Hi.I need some help maybe someone have the same problem like my.I sign my contract recently and I payd 1 week deposit by now I need to pay the rest of deposit and one month rent.I try to pay by UK bank transfer but my bank stop my payment, the reason was short code provided by open rent is registered like a scam in my bank system. So anyone have the same problem?

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Yes! we’re having the same problem, did you ever find an answer???

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I’m having the same problem - Did either of you go ahead?

I’ve emailed open rent hoping to get an answer back soon, makes me wary for that type of alert to happen with a buisness

I’ve called them and waiting for a call back from a different department to confirm.

Of course if it’s OpenRent trying to scam people, they’d say whatever they need to.

Shouldn’t / Couldn’t be a landlord trying to scam as they don’t get the money from OpenRent until after you move in.

The only real risk I see is that someone has hacked OpenRent and is providing dodgy bank details… But not easy to do and would be solved by the confirmation when they ring me back?

The account details are for a bank called Modulr - Registered with the FCA so they’re legit - The only question is who does the bank account belong to.

open rent scamming? I dont believe it


Exactly that was our concern too, it seems highly unlikely that someone was able to hack the website with different details and if they did i feel like there would be more postings about it online. However anything is possible and it is a lot of money to just send off and hope for the best. Let me know if you hear back and I’ll do the same!

I heard back via email rather than a phonecall, but it’s good for an audit trail to show you’ve done your due diligence for any dispute in the future.

I spoke to my bank again and they confirmed their issue was with the bank ‘Modulr’ that OpenRent use - That anyone can sign up for an account with them with no checks.

I’ve paid my remaining balance as it was a case of take the risk or pull out - And seeing as I would be moving to a nice place of my own rather than a house share that is now full of druggie scum who are breaking / stealing everything… I had to take the risk!


Hi everyone. I call them and they said everything is ok. From January I pay my rent in that account and I didn’t have any problems.

Hi all,

Thanks for chiming in.

@Philip15, I can see the team confirmed our bank details on Monday and that payment was made shortly after.

We bank with Modulr and it’s occasionally the case that some banks will flag their details as warranting further confirmation. We’re always at hand to provide this confirmation to tenants.

The site’s fully encrypted and the warning flag is just your banks trying to safeguard their customers, which is understandable! The details you see on the website will always be our own and there’s never a need to fret. Should you have any questions though, the team will always address these.


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This is happening to me know, my bank holding payment to open rent