Likelyhood of being allowed to install an interior door in a rented apartment to change it from a 1 bed to a 2 bed

I’m looking to move out and have been looking at both 1 bed flats and 2 beds as I could potentially move out with a friend. I have found a lovely apartment that is advertised as 1 bedroom, however it has a room that is on the floor plan as a “lounge” that is attached to the “kitchen/dining room/lounge” area via an empty doorway. I realised that if an interior door was hung in the empty door way this “lounge” could easily be used as a second bedroom and we would still have space to use as a lounge in the room that contains the kitchen. As a 1 bed flat, the property is out of my budget. However, if a door was installed and we were able to use the lounge area as a second bedroom, the rent would be INSANELY cheap split between 2 people.

I am therefore wondering what would be the best way to approach asking whether an interior door could be installed in this empty doorway? Would it be best to ask the letting agents whether they think the landlord would be willing to install the door as part of the agreement for us renting the property? I want to figure out what would have the most potential effectiveness in order to pursuade the landlord to agree. If I had to, I would be willing to offer that I pay for the installment of the door (or get my dad to install it who is a qualified joiner) if the landlord picks out a door that he deems suitable, and if I absolutely had to I would also be willing to pay for the door itself because at the end of the day I would still save a lot of money on rent if I moved there with another person. But I would only want to resort to that if the landlord wasn’t willing to sort it out themself, especially seen as, if anything, the addition of the door would be likely to be beneficial for the landlord in the future.

I’m also concerned that because the flat is being advertised as a 1 bedroom flat that perhaps there might be a reason as to why this extra room cannot be used as a bedroom, other than the fact that it currently has no door. But I personally don’t know anything about property law so am unsure of any reasons as to why that could be the case, I’m just trying to view this situation from every angle possible. Any advice would be much appreciated.

I think you need to ask the Landlord before doing alterations
Flats are usually leasehold and you can’t do work without the permission of the freeholder
I would not persuade the Landlord. I would ask him and if he says no cut your losses
There are lots of regs to flats ( fire etc)
This is pandora’s box so don’t expect it to go your way

As above you need to check with the landlord first. There may be some reason why they havent presented it as a two bed flat. Expect to pay a bit more rent if they agree.

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