Lockdown Lifted for Lettings Industry

Originally published at: https://blog.openrent.co.uk/lockdown-lifted-for-lettings-industry/

Any activities related to the sale or letting of property will be allowed from Wednesday, 13th May, as long as other coronavirus guidance is followed. To help all parties remain safe, the Government is asking landlords to perform as much of the lettings process online as possible. The key development is that the list of…

Does this involve Morgages?

To some extent - what is it you are thinking of precisely?

Buying a property - just need a new mortgage

I have concerns about this, especially in relation to HMO’s. For example, a fully tenanted HMO as we went into lockdown could be considered a ‘family’, for want of a better expression. However moving anyone into an HMO since lockdown, and including today seems risky to me. We have to all remember we have a duty of care that is taken very seriously, especially by the courts.
So, you move a new tenant in and he gives the existing tenants covid - the results of that could be really bad as we all know. So whos going to take that risk?
Its OK saying that ‘its up to the tenants to take their own precautions’ but the only way they can isolate is not to use kitchens, living and washing areas.