Lockdown moving

Hello, we are planning to move on 5th April, do you think that moving into a pre planned contract would be classed as ‘Essential travel’

Hi Paul, yes I do. Housing is an essential People need places to live!


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Apparently its not! We are due to move next month and im assuming we wont even be able to get a removal van!

Hello. I’m concerned about the same thing. May be moving within the next week or so, but need to find somewhere first. Will the lockdown stop me from checking out suitable apartments?

Hi again, if Open rent get could us some official guidance then it would be appreciated.
Thank you

Hi, following the conversation as we have tenants moving in and out this weekend. Can it happen? Should it happen?

Hi there, yes I’d also like clear guidelines. I have tenants moving out and moving in and we are now unsure if this is allowed. The tenants moving in have to vacate their flat but the tenants moving out are stuck because they will need a rental van and people to help (they have a small baby). We need to be told what is allowed and what isn’t with regards to moving house. So if any clarification is made then I’m keen to hear to help my tenants.

In my opinion and from what I’ve seen today. If people can go out and exercise and drive to work then a legally binding move which would Otherwise potentially result (If the move was cancelled) in one or both party’s paying two lots of rent then I can’t see why as long as it’s safely done as in keeping your distance from each other where possible a move shouldn’t be allowed.

Hi please can openrent provide some support here?

Hi all, I have written this which outlines the situation.

Let me know any Qs!