Reasonable to ask for a change of locks?

So long story short i live with my mum and am paying board/rent monthly. The house keys went missing 50miles away from where we live (postal services fault and covered by insurance). But my mum feels theres no need to change the locks on the house even tho she wont be paying for it the postal service will. Id rather have the peace of mind and them be changed may aswell if not having to pay for it right? What can i do to convince her to change them? Do you guys think they need changing?

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Yes change locks . Too risky

Tried to tell her house insurance wont pay out if its found out missing keys were used to rob the house. Still shes doesnt feel they need changing.

She is probably from a more trusting age? Difficult to adjust. Why not do it for her or get local crime prevention officer to have a word/ (if they still exist)

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She would go ape if i changed the locks for her myself when shes said they dont need changing. Shes very controlling

I have a right to ecpect a reasonable amount of security tho? What if i change the doorknob on my bedroom door to one that lockable with a key? (I wouldnt deny her access) and when she asks about it i tell her its because she didnt change the front door lock?

That seems reasonable to me. Only you know your mum better than us

Would i be classed as an ‘Excluded Occupier’ or lodger in terms of rights? Theres never been any written agreement between the 2 of us. And is there any difference between excluded occupier and lodger?

If your Mum owns the property then you are a lodger, (licensee). I’m afraid you have minimal rights. You will need to negotiate. Lockdown means that everyone is on top of each other 24/7 and small issues like this can blow up out of proportion. I wouldn’t lose your home or sour your relationship over it if I were you.

Have you told her how worried you are about it?

That you can’t relax or sleep and always feel you need to keep an eye and ear open to any small noise and it’s making you ill.

Tell her you when we are all allowed out again you will be constantly worrying if she is in the property by herself.

Perhaps she worried it will be a different lock and key she won’t be able to operate. Or has an aversion to having to have trades people in.

Explain to her the lock will be exactly the same and it is a very small and quick job taking a few minutes and you will deal with everything on her behalf.

Could even spin a little white lie that a new lock might reduce her insurance premium.

Already showed her how simple it is. Just 1 screw and the euro cylinder slides out. No need for a trades person to come. Also tried the reduced insurance premium white lie approach which may not be too much of a lie as the lock could be upgraded to a more secure version. But still no dice.

Looks like you are stuck. What about your sense of security. Doesn’t she mind that it worries you? Obviously not, silly question I guess. Good luck anyway.