London - not getting many enquiries - is this a market issue?

tricky We all hope things will recover, its a lottery… Office space may turn into Lets , then it will be even worse… Its gone off a cliff but I think recovery will be slower. I have no mortgages so am ok, I have shops with lowish rents ,Those guys are Ok , so i am probably doing better than most. But London wow! I do not envy them,


The market does seem a little quiet at the moment as i’ve seen a lot of comments from landlords about the same issue recently. Have a friend who’s over 2 months void. I think when using Open Rent or other online platforms (as i used one to get my last tenancy) it’s important to do research before marketing your property (as usually the agent would do this for you). This was the advice i got from the platform i used. See how much similar stock is out there being advertised right now in your area. Is yours comparable (in terms of decor, size, etc)? Is the price you’re asking comparable? You will only get more enquiries if the tenants choose yours over everything else out there… But i have also heard that rents are steadying in the market now so hopefully the markets becoming better:).

Hi Stuart.
Can you give a bit more detail of how you use Fb? Currently struggling a bit for applicants.

Hi Rob,
I use the share to Facebook link on the Openrent advert to post on my Facebook. Also copy the link to the advert & post on local pages/groups.
Make sure you check out any applicants, you get all sorts on Facebook :wink:

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I’m in another part of the south-east, but also not inundated with viewing requests. The people that are coming forward are not great either, so by the time I’ve weeded out all the scammers, no-hopers etc I’m left with very few. Lots of people who’ve been in the country 5 minutes so can’t be meaningfully referenced.

I wonder if some of these people deliberately target OpenRent ads because they know they will be dealing with a private landlord who they hope will be less rigorous with referencing etc. compared with agents.