Prospects aren't following up

I put my flat on the market last week. Since then I have had eight enquiries. I have replied to all of them promptly through the website, but none of the prospects have replied at all. What is going on? I have successfully rented out three flats via OpenRent during the last six months. Suddenly the market seems to have dried up. Why? Is it just the pandemic? Why should people make an initial enquiry but fail even to arrange a viewing? I have read some recent reviews on TrustPilot about scammers, but I don’t see how anyone could gain by wasting my time like this.

thats just the way it is, be patient, nothing else you can do

My experience has been very slow also - with a varied mix of enquiries … all unusual since CoVid kicked in, none productive. Probably due to lockdown in part, economic uncertainty and/or disruption in part, and for the rest folk trying to adjust to suddenly altered prospects. Perhaps Furlough Mk III will smooth things a little …

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Best of luck!
I think the market is very slow and oversupplied by properties.
Prices in London are dropping by the month.
I was trying solo through open rent and now I sadly had to get an estate agent involved :frowning:

Be careful with your estate agent. I’m on the other side right now and if I were a landlord, if I found out my estate agent was pulling this crap I’d be livid.

They’ve really poisoned what should have been a good relationship (we’re historically good tenants who’ve never missed a payment and really love this property) and are setting the landlord up for a legal battle that I don’t think they want.

Not all estate agents are bad, of course, but please don’t make the mistake of thinking you can be a landlord who pays someone else and doesn’t have to be involved.

Hi Ryan,

what are you referring to?

I’m using an agent just to source tenants (they did find someone suitable within a week). I’ll be managing the property myself