Not getting many Enquiries


My property is not getting many enquiries.

I think i advertised it far too early (2 months notice from tenants)

now I am concerned that the property will be available in a few weeks and i do not have any new tenants lined up.

can you help me?

I have the same issue. I’m wondering if my ad can be upgraded (so shows as at top of the list on the portals), or if you advertise via another online agent (and remove the ad on Openrent), would this also push the ad to the top of the list?

Thats what i want to do!!!

Thanks for your posts Arun and Kieran! Sorry to hear you aren’t getting many enquiries for your properties.

I’ve had a look in to both of your adverts and sent you a detailed analysis on how competitive your properties are compared to others on the market, and also some tips on how to improve your response rate.

To be fair to all agents, I’m afraid the portals will only label a listing as “just added” when it is first sent to them, we do not have any ability to renew or alter this. The order of listings in portal searches is set by those sites themselves and beyond our control. If you’d like any more information on this just let us know here.

However, by making a few small changes to your adverts hopefully your properties will start to see more interest and enquiries coming through OpenRent and also on our partner portals.

We are landlord putting our properties through openrent. We don’t seem to get any enquiries from tenants directly. All the enquiries are from agents, similar to those described in L. Mea’s review on trustpilot. It seems as if openrent had filtered the inquiries and had let only agents to contact us. If tenants are contacted by agents, we landlords also contacted by agents, that is not the service we want.
We contacted Openrent by all means (left voice message and emailed openrent) but no one responded. Frustrating!