Looking for a 1-BD apartment

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Maura.
I will be moving to London in about 1 month to work at the hospital in Mount Vernon.
What I need in my ideal apartment is the following:
• washer & dryer
• storage space (builtins, wardrobes, cabinets, closets, sheds, …)
• water mixer in the bathroom sink (not two separate faucets)
• centralized water heating. I had a horrible experience with those small water heaters in the bathroom.
• broad-band internet

How distant is the property from the hospital (Rickmansworth Road, Northwood, HA6 2RN)?
Is the property close to a grocery store (Waitrose, Saintsg=bury’s, …)? I am a vegetarian. I like to live on fresh fruit and vegetable.
Is the property close to a good gym?
Thank you for your time.

  Kind regards,
      Maura Monville