Tenant Enquiry and Landlords response

Hi everyone. I am new here and in UK in general. I want to find out what do Landlords look out for in a prospective tenants before offering them rent. I have read through some of the chats from this community. In a situation you find out the person is honest,has employment reference,got a share code, right to work and live in UK etc. What next?

Savings, stable job, no credit problems, guarantor in more and more cases especially if no UK credit history, they will want to see bank statements.

I can provide all these requirements but some Landlords are even rejecting my application because I don’t earn up 30,000 a year or I have not worked up to 6months. I just came to UK and how do I make 30k or work up to 6 months if I don’t have a place to live?

Well the record,I am in need of 3 bedroom house in Wolverhampton, close to New Cross Hospital. Availability from 25 November to December 15. Any Landlord willing to give me a chance can contact me. Thank you.

If youre on a low wage then maybe you should set your sights a bit lower than a 3 bed house, at least initially.

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Thanks David, it’s not that I can’t afford the 3 bedroom for now, and if my husband joins me it will be easier. On the other hand, all the 2 bedroom houseal applications has been turned down because I have 3kids. So the decision to get 3 bedroom were not entirely mine.

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