Looking for property in Winsford or Northwich

Hi, I am currently in Hong Kong and I will move to UK at mid/end of Feb. Hence, I am looking for property (2 or 3 bedroom) in Winsford or Northwich to rent. Any landlord have property available and willing to rent. Please contact

Hi, I am moving out of a lovely house in Northwich in one week so you may need to move fast to secure. I believe that the landlord lists it through PurpleBricks. I have been here for 3.5years, it is 3 bed with conservatory, lovely garden and nice neighborhood.

Thank you for your information.

Hello, i read your message. Im looking for 2-3 bedroom house actually. Do you know is the house you lived still available to let? Can you give me any contact for landlord? What was the name of the Street you were living at?