Help finding a home

I am new to this site, and I am currently searching for a 2 bed house, in or close to Great Harwood BB6. This is proving to be very difficult, so I was wondering if anyone could assist in any way? I can see there have been recent properties let around this area, and it shows me the landlords name and some have a large list of properties to their names, but it doesn’t let me contact them directly if the advert is not currently active. I was hoping to find local landlords to see if they have anything else similar available now or coming up in the near future. Is there any way of doing this on here? I am rather desperate to move so trying to think of anything I can do to speed this process up!
Thank you for reading, and please let me know if you can help or maybe know of a landlord who could!
Kind regards, Mike

The “landlord listings” is misleading, it actually means how many adverts they have had in total, not how many properties.

Hi Mark, thanks for letting me know. That definitely is misleading. Is there any way of searching for landlords in an area I would like to rent a property?

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