Loosing hope to find a place to live!


Our current house was sold just before lockdown, new owners would like to refurbish before they rent out privately which as upsetting it is to leave, I completely understand.

I am separating from my husband so will be myself, our 2 children, 1 dog & 1 cat. I work part time at our local school so am topped up by Universal Credit.

What are my chances of finding somewhere that would meet my criteria? I would like to stay in the same area where my children attend school.
At present I feel I have a lot going against me eg no pets/no universal credit.



You have choices some which may be difficult but it could be a choice of a property for your children or keeping your animals and none. There are good reasons why animals are not allowed, its not just about damage but future tenants and allergies.

To give you hope it’s all about affordability and your UV credit contact should be able to help you complete this, plus put you on to their books for availability.

You should also try to get a legal contribution every week/month from your ex. This will give you the price band of properties you can go for. However, always ask if you pay a higher security deposit and higher rent, would the landlord take your pets into consideration. Remember if they become a nuisance to neighbours this permission can be revoked.

So the answer is ‘yes’ as edible for a property subject to references, within your price range but very limited with pets

Good luck


the problem with u c. is that the landlord does not directly get the rent, unlike years ago, also paid in arrears… Many Landlords have had such bad experiences that they have a blanket ban on such. (wait for the outcry). With pets not all owners are responsible pet owners and one bad experience puts you off for life ( again wait for it) I hope you can keep the kids in the same school as they will have enough to cope with and they are the most important factor in parents lives


Thanks for your reply Brian - much appreciated!

Heartbreakingly I have thought that I may need to re-home our animals so that we are not homeless - cue opinions/judgement from people saying it’s like giving up on my children! :confused:
I do also understand from the landlords point of view too for not allowing them too.

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do not give up, raising children, having a job and juggling a home is not easy for two people never mind one parent You sound sensible as seeing both sides, As a landlord I, favour female tenants over males as female always keep the place tidier and are generally more considerate of others, so that is in your favour

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Thanks for your replies Colin - I think you have hit the nail on the head!
I am trying to keep everyone happy & actually I need to prioritise myself & our children.

You are right, it’s hard work. I guess I just need a landlord to give me a go & trust me.

Yay! I have one thing in my favour :slight_smile:

All but two of my tenants are on housing benefit. The key for me is credit history. All but one of my tenants have pets. The key here is how well looked after the Dogs are. I interview and ask what breed etc and lecture that if neighbours complain then ultimately they could loose their tenancy.

End result a bunch of very loyal, long term tenants.

The moral being not all landlords block good benefits tenants, and yes I have been burned by both fully paying (worked for council - god awful long story) and benefits tenants over the years.

But also have very good ones of both types.

All my bad ones were through agents - that says a lot. In fact I’ve never had a long term good one through an agent - that, for me, seems to be the common factor.

The key is interview impression, affordability and no poor credit indicators. So keep trying, even if the advert says no DSS be honest about situation and have a POP is what I say. If you have CCJ’s that is a different story - you may be better off applying through council.


Thanks for your reply David.
I will keep trying, I have 2 part time jobs that work around the children but low paid so topped up by Universal Credit. No CCJs thankfully!

I spoke to an agent yesterday & as the demand is so high in my area with a lot of ‘full time working professionals’ unfortunately I would be at the bottom of the list.
I’ve always paid my rent on time & would never dream of not paying it for the 12 years I’ve lived here.
It makes me wonder what would happen to the ‘professional’ who lost their job & had to go on benefits!
Sorry I’m rambling on now but appreciate your reply.

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Hi Emma

My name is Jay and I am a landlord

Can I ask what area you reside as I may be able to help with suitable accommodation

Kind regards

Hi Jay, thanks for your message.

I am in Bristol :slight_smile:

Hi Colin, I just let to a UV tenant and was offered the option of the payment direct to the landlord but am sooo weary of the possible clawbacks. The UV support team in many places are offering landlord support in the first year so check it out and some are offering upfront landlord incentives. In the end its all about the tenant - as you well know.

Brian 7 You are right about clawbacks. If the tenant has lied about their financial position then the council want the money back off the landlord. But the landlord cannot find out what the tenant has told the council. To check if the truth has been told… I dont care about landlord incentives ,the council will do ANYTHING to get awkward tenants rehoused

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Hi brian7

I haven’t heard of this in my area but worth a look into.

I hope your new tenant goes well for you.

Well I hope so too, sometimes you heart rules your head, time will see but a lovely family they are. Guarantors are key to a successful tenant nowadays.

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Colin, it’s not always the tenant’s fault, I have one who has just been told she owes the UV credit £2k as they had made an historic error, not the tenant at all, so that’s another reason not to be paid direct by council’s.

We are lucky in our area to have good relationships with our council contacts and they know if we get tucked up once, never again. Touch wood the relationship is working okay.


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I hope I can find a landlord like yourself to give me a chance.

Spot on David, I’ve gone from not accepting any to most of mine are and like you some lovely long term tenants.

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brian7 that is a good point. the council can make a mistake

Hi Emma,

Have you considered going for a house within your bracket on OpenRent, explaining the situation and asking if they’d accept a larger deposit for pets?

We are going into rented (and letting out our home which is why I’m here!) and couldn’t see any ‘pet friendly’ properties in our new area. I messaged a couple of agents offering 6 months rent upfront and all of a sudden they were happy to take the cat. If you have sufficient savings that might help sweeten the deal, especially if UC worries them.

I’ve advertised my property as ‘no pets’ but would probably consider them if I was struggling to let it out, I doubt I’m alone.


Thanks Mina.

I have managed to save up £2000 which I was planning to put towards deposits etc.
My husband & I are seperating & is now leaving this property in a couple of weeks so that will all go on rent & bills whilst myself & the children are still living here so will be back to square one again.

My local council has advised that we need correct notice from the landlord (landlord is mother in law) but section 21 doesn’t match criteria - we never paid a deposit so isn’t held in a deposit safety scheme or whatever it’s called!
They would prefer me to wait it out, no way would I put my landlord or any landlord through that stress of court cases.

Does anyone know if she could use a section 8? She has no grounds of anything bad, basics are the house is now sold, exchange/completion looking around 8 weeks time & we need to leave.

I have called & applied for so many properties but on paper I am a soon to be single mum with 2 kids & pets, work 2 part time jobs which work around my children & topped up with UC so I don’t get a look in. I’m trying to not take it personally but so many brick walls every day are starting to wear me down. I can heartbreakingly re-home the pets but can’t do anything about UC at the moment.

I did speak to a private landlord on Monday, he said he needs to speak to his wife & I haven’t heard back as yet. Do you think that is a non-starter?

Sorry for the questions, I know I will get the truth on here.