Tenant moving out

Hi All
I have a tenants in my properties for more than 14 months. At start i got 12 months standard AST contract and after that its automatically as a periodic contract.
Today i got a call from my tenants and said they like to moving out next week to council home. Generally in periodic auto contract have month notice?
Do i have to do anything on Openrent contract i.e click on end tenancy ? my tenants send an end tenancy request and ended tenancy agreement from their end. Open rent sent me text message.
As i have to do anything from my side
Tenants have already in arrears of 2 and half months.
Dont know what should i do next ??
Any help or advise please as this my first listing on openrent

Hi Keyur,

Are these the same tenants that are moving that you posted about before?

I don’t know about how to operate the Open Rent site regarding ending the tenancy (hopefully Open Rent staff will answer this) but think they are meant to give you at least one month’s notice to end on the day before the rent is due.

e.g. If rent is due on the 15th of December and they give notice on the 7th December then they are liable for rent until the 14th January 2021.

I would be careful too about ending the tenancy by clicking on anything in Open Rent as this could mean that you agree to early surrender and therefore are not able to claim the full month’s rent in lieu of notice from them.

Thank God they are going though! Wishing you better luck if you will be looking for some more.
Ms. T

Hello Mr T
Yes they are same tenants.
They are in arrears 2.5 months and tenancy start 1st of calender month. Yesterday they called me and asked end tenancy by their end emai own open rent account.
Legally its Periodic contract and they have to give month notice.??.
They said they got council house and they are moving out next week. If they asked me to leave then their ladt day should be 17th Jan and they have to pay rent till then correct??
Not Received rey from openrent Yet.

keyur .you will learn a lot from this episode and it will not all be good news I fear

If you want a proper notice, which would be advisable, then send them a message asking them to serve notice in accordance with the tenancy agreement. If you wish, you could offer to accept short notice.

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Hi Keyur,
Great they are leaving as it didn’t sound like it was a situation that was likely to improve.
If the rent date is the 1st of the month then I think they have to give at least a months notice to end on the day before rent day which would make their leaving date 31st January. They would be liable for the rent up until this date regardless of whether they decided to leave earlier.
As they already owe you 2.5 months rent you could hold them to the correct notice period and add whatever it is onto the arrears as you are entitled to do. Do you think you have much chance of getting anything back from them?
Or accept their notice and get your property back and contact the Guarantor again for what they already owe? Be ready for all the excuses and don’t be fobbed off.
If you have a deposit hopefully that will go a little way towards the unpaid rent. Have they kept the property in good condition?
David has made a good suggestion.