Switch tenancy from agent to openrent

Won’t go into the details but I am done with my current agent. Not ready to totally go solo with contracts, deposits, etc. as I have a fulltime job. but my partner does all the DIY anyway, so happy to drop agent.

Can I transfer/move my current tenants on to an openrent contract? Their current contract was signed with the agent but will be run out in August. Maybe would solve problems to find new tenants so old agent has no claim on them, but I think they are good people and have always paid on time so don’t want to turf them out for no faults of their own.

Yes I’d like to know the answer to this too as I am considering using Open Rent.

I saw on the website they do tenancy set up so maybe you could use that?


Hi Landlady Dania,

Your right to be concerned, you need to carefully read the small print of your current estate agent. Some do make it terribly difficult to move on and seem to think they have a claim on the tenant they found for life. It isn’t fair on either the landlord or the tenant who may has you suggested have to be evicted through no fault of their own just to break the contract.