Low interest periods of the year to rent a property

Right. Looks like we found our T but I will lie if I say it hasn’t been a struggle. We had over 60 replies but only 5 viewings, and 3 people never got back to us. I’m talking about a decent budget accommodation with an attractive rental price.
We’re in the process of buying an upmarket/luxury 2 bed flat in a popular location and are wondering what to expect when we finalize it, hopefully, beginning September.
I know that around X-mas everything stops, but Xmas here starts in late November and lasts till the end of Jan (tongue in cheek, hope I haven’t offended anybody, god forbid). As for summer vacations, not sure if June/July is as bad as August. And not to forget Easter.
If anybody can tell me what are the times/periods of the year to avoid, if possible? For us, it’s always about professional singles and couples without children. It’s a good-sized city, a couple of miles from the very centre.

There’s a blog on OpenRent that has a graph , though it’s a few years old and doesn’t go into massive detail other than to say August is the best month. Search for:

When Is the Best Month, Week & Day to Advertise Your Rental Property?

Tim, what’s been your method of declining hopeless enquiries?

Do you just leave them unanswered or do you close them down using for example”Landlord is proceeding with other applicants”?

I get quite a lot of “When can we see the flat?” with zero information. To which my answer is “Never!” But sadly there isn’t a button for that.

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the answer is " when you have answered all my questions "


For the mjority who failed to answer the questionnaire, I chose “Other” and wrote in a message box “Failed to answer the questions”. Later, I got more lax and just chose “Tenant doesn’t not cooperate” which not answering the questions is. However, we always engaged with applicants and never ignored anybody. There was a charity for homeless, contacting me on behalf of their client. I just reported them to OR and got an option to chose “Not interested in your services”. I only talk to applicants themselves.
Hope that helps.

Weirdly there’s no “Other” option or ability to write in a message box for me on OpenRent! I’m using Safari on iPhone.

Try in on your PC.
20 characters.

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Ah yes I finally found it on my iPhone. It wasn’t obvious that it was possible to scroll down.

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