Lpg, oil, heat pump, biomass

Anyone have experience of “rural type” fuels?

Looking at a property that currently just has 47kg lpg canisters which runs central heating and hob/cooker.
An lpg storage tank would get the price down but wondered what people who know thought about biomass, oil and other types of heating?

I realise that air and ground source heat pumps need well insulated building in order to be able to work ok.

i lived in Wales for 14 years, no mains gas had an oil fired boiler/ cooker it was very good . The cheapest i got the oil was £250 per 1000 litres the dearest was about £750. currently it is £600 per 1000 L .I had a 2700 L tank… mine was a 3 bed millhouse 2 ft thick walls . Made of stone probably used 1500 L a year as I had a good woodburner as well. Used LPG for the gas hob £80 a year.

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Thanks Colin for your input. A move to the country is on the cards, (I hope!)

not sure what kind of money it is to install these larger lpg tanks now.

I understand these firms aren’t regulated?

i dont know about LPG. The people who had my house before me did have lpg then changed to oil as it was cheaper. But prices go up and dow An oil tank has to be double skinned nowdays. I have a feeling that an LPG tank has to be further away from a house than an oil tank. More explosive ? I would guess that an LPG tank is more expensive to install than an oil tank .I must say we lived the dream in Wales it was like living in a park all the time. Go for it

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