Major works- flooded property

Mains water pipe burst under the stop cock flooding the property. Major works are required and tenants cannot be in occupation. Insurance covers cost of providing alternative accommodation but I’m considering service section 21 and section 8 on grounds 6 to regain property. Once works complete I will sell the property.
Should I serve both?
Section 8 (6) says I need to pay their removal costs, should my insurance cover this?

Or…. Should I keep the tenancy going so my insurance covers the cost of loss rental? Insurance may even cover rental on empty property due to building works required, anyone has experience of this?

I’d rather serve notice asap so I can commence the drying out asap (all flooring and bitumen (containing asbestos) has to be removed first). This obviously can’t start until after 2 months due to giving the tenants notice.

So much to consider here but I don’t want to delay giving notice if it’s the right thing to do.

You may be able to end the contract on the basis that the property is uninhabitable and the contract is frustrated. It may even have something to this effect in the agreement. Make a call to a housing solicitor to check. One of the ones that advertise on the landlord sites should do and the first call should be free of charge.

Ok thank you, I’ve got legal cover with my insurance ……. if only they’d answer the phone! I’ll follow your advice if I still can’t get an answer on Monday.
Thanks again.

which provider? saga are good, but I found simply business okish