Property flooded and I was given 7 days notice

Hi all,
I am desperately trying to find out what my rights are.
I paid in full all the monies owed.
7 days prior to moving it was eventually confirmed that I could not move into the property because the vacant properties toilet flooded and it was going take ‘a few months’ possibly, to fix.
In the meantime I had to find a new place to live in 7 days.
I was charged a percentage by the removals company too.
I had to take unpaid leave from work to try and find a new home.

It has set me back about £600.00 (minimum).

Does anyone know if I can claim anything from the Rental Company that this issue happened with?

I have now, luckily, found a property through Open Rent (hopefully to move in on 23 December - if it isn’t a scam! LOL) All monies paid till end Jan - so this will financially break me if this one goes wrong.

So basically - what can I do about the loss of income and the loss of money incurred from the removals company for the property that got flooded and I was only given 7 days notice that it is uninhabitable - so couldn’t move.

Any help/advise will be great.

Many thanks

Did you sign a contract with the agent/landlord? If so, they should cover your costs. Make a claim to them in writing and report the response back here.


Hi David, Thank you for the reply.
Yes - I had signed the contract - and they confirmed on 26 October that all was ready to go for my move in on 9 November. But the agency said that because I hadn’t actually moved in it didn’t make a difference whether there was a contract or not. But I couldn’t move in?

I e mailed them this morning and basically he has said its just hard luck for me.

It does seem like there should be more that I can do.?

contracts signed . makes a big difference .you have a claim . They are fobbing you off


Thanks Colin.
Guess I should go to Citizen’s Advice next.

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Signed contract - money paid. You have the right to get costs covered.


You could have legally demanded the pay for a hotel for you until the property was ready to occupy. You would have had to pay the rent during that period though.

Morning David,
Am about to phone citizen’s advice.
Will let you know what they say.

Just a bit of feedback here.
(I am certainly learning a lot! I have never had a problem renting - soo have never had to deal with ‘problems’.)
Just to make it clear, that I am not a bully at all.
I am only trying to recoup consequential losses due to the situation.
I have spoken to Citizen’s Advice and the Ombudsmen today (both very helpful).
I think the whole process is going to take some while.
(If I bother to proceed).
I’d much rather at this stage - just move into my new place at the end of December and live happily ever after (LOL).

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I think that’s probably wise. Suing someone is a lot of hassle with no certain outcome.

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I fully understand where you are coming from, but hate the thought the rental agency getting away with fobbing you off as it means they will continue to operate in an underhand way. could you perhaps get a solicitors letter to try and get something out of them?


I suggest you pay £70 and raise a claim. You have evidence etc.

Your claim you add interest and costs to the claim - it is very easy.

Visit Make a court claim for money: Court fees - GOV.UK

Do not get into further discussion with the agent - just raise a claim against them.

The worst that can happen is you lose £70 - the best result is you win all your costs, your time and they get charged the court fees, and/or the agent gets a CCJ

It is very easy to do and has no hassell.

I repeat stop empowering the agent by discussing it with them.


Hi Jennifer5,
Thanks for the post.
I have been asked if I am claiming from the agency or the landlord?
I do not know what their agreement is or who is responsible for what.
Its just becoming a very expensive chore if I take it further.

Hi David,
Thanks for the info.
I had a look at the link at it talks about extra fees if it goes to court.
Alas, I am not flush.
The agency or the landlord win again.
I have stopped all communication with the agency.
I have decided, however, to write a nice letter and post it (that’s all I have for him) to the landlord.
He may be unaware of what is going on, and it may be his responsibility?

Its also just tiring.
Moving (and I’m on my own) is stressful enough - let alone all the set backs I have experienced with this last place.

I know that my next one will be great, (in Caversham - Reading) and in a few months time, I will be fabulous again!
(fortunately no holidays to Southern Africa booked - or I would probably be out of pocket there too :slight_smile: )

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Use the small claims court.
The cost is upfront court cost only. No extra costs. If you lose thats all it can cost. If you win you get that money back.
Im a landlord who lost a tenant due to water damage. I can claim on my insurance.
It really is necessary to stop these bad landlord/ agencies from giving the mostly decent landlords a bad name
Go for it and good luck!

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Sometimes you dont need to go to court, just an official letter maybe composed by a solicitor or following citizens advice is enough to knock them off their perch and then they take you seriously. They make an offer which you dont take they up it you take second. Job done no court. You need to think it from their point of view as well

“Generally, it is not the landlord’s responsibility to find alternative accommodation for the tenant if a property is rendered uninhabitable due to fire or flood. The Local Authority does have a duty to rehouse the tenant in such circumstances. Where the Local Authority believes someone to be homeless and in priority need for accommodation, there is an interim duty to accommodate.”

Hi LL ,
Thanks for this.
I am not seeking any contribution toward alternative accommodation though.

Hi Sidney,
Thank you for your message.
I am getting the official letter arranged (although one has already been sent).
Just trying to get few the next few weeks with work (our bust time), and then move into my new home, and then I will take further action.
The reason I have posted on the ‘landlords discussion’ is to get exactly that - another opinion - from another point of view.
Although, legally, I have every right to claim.


Hi Carl,
I agree with you on so many of your points.
I currently have an amazing landlord (5 plus years) - who is now on/using Open Rent.
My next landlord is also on Open Rent.
I have only had fantastic experiences with both.

The property I was going to move into was through an agency. In their defence - the flood was not planned, but the short notice of being unable to move in, is down to them, and unexpected costs as a result, needs to be compensated.

Looking forward to ticking this off the ‘to do list’ and continuing life as normal.