Managing Agents - London

I’m a leaseholder (& landlord) in a block with three others plus a restaurant downstairs. Over the years we’ve had endless trouble with the current managing agents who are incapable of doing accounts, responding to our needs or dealing with repairs. They regularly overcharge for the slightest, often unnecessary, issue.
Finally the freeholder has agreed to change: either we leaseholders form a management company to include the freeholder & manage it ourselves, or we find a competent managing agent to take over.

Any thoughts? I feel that the problems of a restaurant (which includes chasing any late rent due to the freeholder) may be too much so would prefer to find a replacement managing agent.
Any recommendations? I know good ones are hard to find!

Thanks in advance

Good managing agents are as common as hen’s teeth. Most promise the world, overload their property managers with too many units and then fail to deliver. Good luck.

Thanks Nilesh - pretty sure you’re right, but you never know! live in hope…

Hi Fiona, I would advise finding a competent management agent as opposed to managing yourselves. There might already be some recommendations on here if you search for it?

I was in a similar position as you and my block have gone with Estates Property Management. They’re not based in London though but they are fine if you need more of administrative support (rather than hands on support).