Milton Keynes, looking to rent 2 bed house


I am looking to move with my family in Milton Keynes, we are 3 adults and a baby, so a 2 bed house is enough for us. It must have parking and garden, please. 2 adults full time employed in London, planning to commute, total income 61k/year.
The obstacle we found is that my husband is working with the same company for 8 months now, but as an employee only for 2 months and has about 6 weeks contractual probation time which agencies do not like, so apparently his income is not taken into account. Why?
My income is commission +basic, but again, agencies only take into account basic. Why?
Is any landlord here looking for good tenants (we hate moving) and is willing to look at the facts more than an agency? There’s no issue with our credit score, we have been living at the same address for 3,5 years now but we need to move by the end of June because we have a child now and living in shared accommodation is not ideal.
Can someone advise on where to find direct landlords to speak with?
Thank you in advance,