Missed rent, rentguard insurance and mediator

Hello everyone,

Probably like a lot of you my tenant has only paid me 40% of his rent for the last 2 months.

Rentguard the rental insurance firm who I used through Openrent have issued a mediator to deal with the situation rather than just paying me the missed rent which has baffled me!

I would love to hear from anyone who is further down the line with this process and can offer any advice.

Thank you,


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just shows you, is the rentguard insurance worth it. I dont know as I dont use them

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I guess I will have to wait and see. I hope it is

They should have advised you as to why they are mediating instead of paying, but then they may feel it inappropriate to do so for reputational purposes.

If I recall correctly, it is a condition of the agreement with them to proceed with eviction in order to get a pay-out.

My guess is that due to the Covid19 crisis, because it is currently illegal to evict, they are trying to mediate on your behalf, rather than just pay-out, as otherwise they would be paying for an unknown period that may last a year with the current back-log of eviction cases that started before and since this crisis, as all are on hold for at least another two months.

I hope that this suggested reason meets your needs, otherwise, to be sure, ask them.

Let us know how it goes.


Your tenants had paid you 40%,
You must be grateful ,because if they did so they are left with minimum money to survive.
What a greedy people.
If you have mortgage you have a mortgage holiday ,why you didn’t turn to your tenants,may be families with kids and tell them ,Don’t worry do not pay me 3 months …That’s how some landlords are doing and they aren’t rich with money,but with character.
What a low level of human being you must be when people are out of work some a Rent paid to stay at home and hardly survive and they paid you 40% and you are complaining here.
Shame on you!
I do not wish you to get in such situation,then you will start to appreciate people !

Quite frankly you are being rude to me unecessarily. I suggest you reread my message again.

I said i was surprised why the insurance company havent paid me the 60% rent not my tenant.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for your advice!


I wasn’t complaining either I was just asking if anyone was in the same situation as me.


Thank you for your advice. I appreciate the time you have taken. It appears that they will mediate first which is good.

Thank you

Thank you Sarah for sharing this experience with everyone.

I’m sure Landlords will think twice if Rentguard had a condition in the terns that was ‘Clearly’ highlighted iand not buried in the fine print somewhere that they will negotiate between you and the tenant.

Rent protection is Rent protection, not Rent Negotiation.


Thanks Arref. It’s well worth people knowing that!

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Be nice please, Plamen. These are extraordinary times. Ethical landlords are trying very hard to make our finances balance and look after their tenants at the same time.
You will know that Landlords take a tremendous financial risk. Example investing in a property will mean borrowings of anything from £120K to £500K. This and other costs is a heavy burden, causes sleepless nights.
There are very few ‘‘Rogue Landlords’’. People who correspond on here and other sites all care. We are far from Rogue landlords and Charlatan Tenants.
Sorry, did not mean to be so long. I just could not find a way of shortening it without appearing to be rude.


Agree, Rent protection is Rent protection, not Rent Negotiation. It is getting disgusting out here!


Sorry Sarah, I have nothing positive to give. Just my experience of Rent Protection Insurance companies behaving badly:
Residential Rent Protection: Direct Line sent me a letter saying they will not even consider paying out on Corona related arrears.
Commercial property rent protection: Allianz had some mealy mouthed excuse about ‘uncover disease’ claim.
I am sure these could be turn over in Court but I do not have the resources.
Quote Arref: Rent protection is Rent protection, not Rent Negotiation.

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genus you cant make it up.

Graham4 We get all sorts on this post we must remember that a lot of individuals are on medication legal or otherwise and this clouds their reactions . Be thankful he is not your tenant !!

V true, thank you colin. It upset me that he was so rude!

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Your answer is so ridiculous
Infact I am nauseated by it. Thank goodness you are not my tenant. If I were your landlord at my earliest convenience once safe to do so, I would be kicking you out with this sort of mindset you have. That a landlord should be grateful he got 40% of his rent.


Hi Sarah,
I hope that you manage to resolve this problem and that Rentguard does the decent for you. I have been very fortunate that my tenants were able to pay, because I am subscribed to Rentguard on one of the properties. Please keep us updated as to the outcome.
As to Plamen1 he’s a rude ignoramus with the bigoted idea that all landlords are making fortunes at the expense of downtrodden tenants.

What a disgusting response!!! You need to learn a few manners and above all read the situation properly !!!
The initial query was “why when the landlord had rent protection insurance were the insurance company trying to mediate rather than simply pay the shortfall” which is what they are supposed to do. Where a tenant has fallen into arrears.
Secondly, may I educate you as to what a mortgage holiday is. Should the landlord wish to take a break from paying his mortgage on a rental property they have to agree a payment plan to repay the shortfall. I trust you now understand a little more about how the PRS works in cases such as this and a word of advice !! Treat others with more respect especially when you don’t have a clue what your kicking off about!!

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surely you mean an INCOMPLETE not complete at all