Rent Guarantee Insurance via Open Rent and/or Rentguard

So been using Rentguard for the last couple of years for my rent guarantee insurance and am due to renew it soon.

I will also have new tenants in the property in the next week.

So I took the time to checkout Rentguard’s terms for their rent guarantee insurance.

First though, I just wanna mention, Rentguard are still operating and offering rent guarantee insurance, but it says on Open Rent’s website, they are not. I have in writing as of a week ago from Rent Guard, they are still offering rent guarantee insurance. So I am not exactly sure why Open Rent are saying it’s no longer available. It could be the difference between a bad week or financial ruin having rent guarantee insurance or not during Covid19 for a landlord.


Rentguard’s policy has jumped from £89 a year with no excess to £250 a year with 2 months excess.

So £250 per year, and if I need to make a claim, for lost rent, the excess for me would be £650 x 2 = £1,300.

So if my tenant was 3 months behind in their rent, as well as being possibly short on cashflow due to not receiving rent for the last 3 months, I’d have to find a further 2 months rent out of my own pocket to claim for the 3 months rent that they are behind. So if I am not mistaken, this would leave me with 1 month of rent payment out of the 3 that they are behind, due to me having paid 2 month’s rent as an excess.

The rent guarantee insurance covers up to a maximum of 6 months of unpaid rent. So minus the £250 and 2 months excess. This cover provides a maximum of up to approx 3.5 months rent.

Rent Guarantee Insurance can only be claimed if you have begun eviction proceedings against the tenant if I am not mistaken, so rather than Rentguard paying the rent to the landlord and first trying to chase the rent from the tenant. To claim, the landlord must, begin eviction proceedings against the tenant.

Can anybody give input on Rentguard’s rent guarantee insurance policy to possibly re-motivate me? Because if the tenants I am currently referencing, pass referencing, with strong affordability and a good credit score, good employer and landlord references. My motivation to continue my rent guarantee insurance cover with them, will be almost non-existent.


I’ve never used any RGI product because my assumption is that the circumstances in which they will pay out are so narrow and specific that in most cases I would not be able to meet them. Just choose the right tenant.


Hi Daniel,

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent statutory changes made by the Government that affect the eviction process, we are unable to offer our normal RGI product.

Following these changes, our insurance partners, RentGuard, have reviewed their RGI product and have created a new RGI product to accommodate the current situation.

Unfortunately, we’re not currently offering this on our website, however, you’re more than welcome to contact our insurance partners directly to purchase a policy, or to ask any questions that you may have regarding the new product:
0113 320 7368

Kind regards,

Typical of insurers, Rentguard tripled my premium when I have a claim free history. I think the best policy is to be more diligent with choice of tenant.


We went with combined Landlords Property Insurance and Legal Protection Insurance with Zurich, it was around the same, possibly cheaper, than one individual policy with Open Rent and offered more protection.


I think all Landlord rent guarantee insurances are problematical now because the notice
period is now 6months - I am not sure of the details. Anyone know?