Mistake on Section 21?

Hi all was served a section 21 (much to my upset) and am currently doing everything i can to find somewhere else to rent… It’s very very difficult at the moment. I am doing my best however they want me gone 12th May and i just don’t see this happening. I am packed and ready to go however it’s hard. I have noticed they have got the address wrong at one point on the section 21. It is down correctly on the front but incorrect at the back where signatures are…. Does this make it invalid? Thanks.

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I think it depends how wrong it is. The courts usually allow simple mis-spellings, but if its a completely different address they may not be awarded possession.

If you have nowhere to go, then you may need to make the landlord get a court order, which would take a few months longer. However, the downside is that this will make it much harder to find another landlord willing to rent to you.

Have you been in touch with your local authority about your impending homelessness? They have a duty to help you.

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Any particular reason for giving you the section 21?


Im in the same position, my landlady is selling her house she can’t afford the mortgage or house repairs… i have never in my 6-7 years missed a rent/council tax payment all my bills are up to date and trust me when i say ive tried everything to get out but its absolutely impossible.
Rents are too high and i seem to be penalised for getting uc as a top up and the council have told me i need to find alternative private accommodation for myself and my daughter, i cant get private as i don’t know anyone who earns that kind of money, ive also been told if i cant and i leave before a court notice and bailiffs changing locks id of intentionally made myself homeless.
Ive tried talking to people on here to see if i can get a place but i don’t even get a response i give up

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which area are you looking in?

Gravesend Northfleet areas… my daughter is in year 5 so only a year left for her in primary and i work in gravesend Town.
Its so frustrating my mum has even offered to move in with me but with a combined £39000 ish we still seem to need a guarantor of over 40k .
I need to find either a two bedroom with 2 reception rooms or a 3 bedroom so we all have some privacy.
Trying to find something below £1300 and i cant get anywhere.

these prices are way above here on Merseyside

Hopefully i get some good luck because ill pass £1000 a month rent with my guarantor but im not going to find anywhere near what i need for that .
I wouldn’t of minded paying more rent to my current landlady but she wont put any money into the house ive already painted the whole house repaired the bathroom wall and tiled it after the old ones blew and the ceiling fell through i cant afford to do anymore. The windows and doors are rotten the front of the house needs rendering the kitchen needs replacing… its not fair on me or my daughter.
Rental here for what i need im looking at £1400 plus a month (wish me luck i need it :sweat_smile:)

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It sounds as though your LL is as stressed as you as her debts are growing too due to being over geared on the mortgage costs.

The section 21 is sufficient for the council to take it you are soon to be homeless.

There are always options some you may not wish but they keep a roof over your heads. If you move to a cheaper rental area and or change your job, have mum move in with you so you can get a second job. There are loads about. This is what many people do.

If you stay local and get a second job, offering the LL a rent which covers their costs and keeps you in a home until you find another is an option.

Also , there,s no need to answer here, but the father if still a live should help more for the child’s costs.

Until you get sorted if you don’t do the above you will need to look for storage deals and will probably end up in a b&b until you find another place. The council have so few places available or funds to help even though they are legally obligated too.

You may have to consider a shared house or room, mobile home or staying with a friend pro-tem, providing their tenancy agreement allows this .

Give shelter a call to see if they can help but remember this. Any advice to not move and make it difficult for the LL will affect any future private rentals


She hasn’t fixed anything or done any jobs shes proposed to do for 4 years, myself as a tenant has replaced broken household items which are not cheap replaced flooring tiled bathroom painted whi h shouldn’t be my job but i care about my home and the roof over my daughters head… i do not drive so moving out the area is not an option my daughter is autistic and adhd and i refuse to mess with her last year of school shes already struggling and too much change will not help ( ive already had her in tears thinking shes going into care which i know isnt happening).
Change job ? Im already paid more than any other on the highstreet and a second would literally run me into the ground and it wouldn’t be possible,i dont finish until 22:15 and up for my daughter at 06:30 plus my hours can start from 09:30 monday-Friday and 07:15 on a weekend.
The council said they would help and they haven’t and landlords dont trust anyone who gets uc i have applied for loads and i dont even get a reply.
Shared house is not an option with my daughter she needs security and living with strangers is not happening

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I also dont want to be here after section 21 date but without a second guarantor im literally stuck

I’m really sorry you are going through this. I’ve been through this myself. Was in a B&b fir a month which was horrendous!!! But in that time I did happen ti find a private flat & I got some money towards rent in order to get by. I worked 46 hours a week, single parent no money from father etc. No way I could work another job on top. Travel was another 2 hours a day. I never would have seen my daughter. Not sure if you could find a place that would negotiate hours towards updating property instead of rent? Many years ago, those kinds of things could be negotiated but maybe not now. You are so close to meeting the criteria. Can you offer 3 months up front & get a crisis loan? 6 months would be better. Do you have a reference from your LL stating all payments on time/Good tenant etc? Treat it like a job interview. Get a spreadsheet together, showing how you will manage. Have the reference ready. Be honest & explain you are slightly short but a hard worker etc. And let them know how you are house proud & look after your home! It sounds like moving in with your mum would be a good move as she could help practically with child care etc? I was a bit perturbed about the message telling you to get another job!!! You already have two!! Raising your daughter & other. The last thing you need is to be stressed so much your daughter suffers. Really hope you can find something. Things will get better. I was a very hard worker. I now am a LL with 3 properties. Who would have thought! Keep positive. I know it’s not easy


Sadly because of interest rates and a whole raft of expenses landlords have no option but to sell - they are selling at a higher rate than before. So yes there will be less homes to live in. Landlords are also putting up with non payment of rent and extensive damage to property so this is another incentive to make them sell. The Government repeatedly has treated landlords like charities - if feel sorry for the old lady who cant afford to keep her property anymore - some people have no pensions so she may be on the street too soon.

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Thing is if shed kept up with the property, worked with me i could be paying her double what i pay now which could have stopped all this happening but shes chose to let me fix out of my own pocket and let the parts i cant fix fall apart, she has other properties and im gussing here that they are probably diminishing like mine is. Shes been travelling for the past year according to her and has spent all her money.
Ive done more than i should have and offered to help but she isn’t willing to pay for anything.
Im sure shes a lovely lady and i dont know what her private life is like but she still has a duty of care over her property, ive no issue with her selling its her property her choice its literally the struggle to find new accommodation without being put down because im a single mum ( not all of us are dead beat some of us are decent hardworking people)

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I looked at a place and fingers crossed i get it … i have paperwork dated back to 2016 stating rents all paid to date i can also provide up to date council tax etc. I have requested more hours at work too but not much more i can work

It annoys me landlords who do not take their job seriously!! She has the luxury of travel for an entire year yet not working on order ti keep up her properties!!

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