Section 21 After long let

Hello, I was wondering if anybody has been through a section 21 after a long let?
I have been tenant in the same property for 15 years and now my landlady wants her property back. In this time I’ve been through all sorts, mainly a divorce and a criminal assault on my daughter (needing surgery), I’ve been out of work a few times, due to this I mounted up a few ccjs. However, I don’t have rent arrears, im starting to realise my options are severely limited. The notice couldn’t have come at a worse time, just when I was moving up in my career and starting to hack through my debt. Can anyone offer any advice at all?

Be completely honest and tell prospective landlords the above at interview. Show them evidence to back up the claims. Explain how you got into that debt and that your life is different now. Be prepared for rejections and thank those landlords for considering you anyway. Basic decency is your trump card. Good luck.


Hi Melanie 9

I am sorry for your circumstances, but unfortunately you said it yourself - the landlord wants THEIR property back.

Im sure you don’t need me to tell you that you knew one day this would happen. Theres no right to being able to stay in someone elses property for as long as you like, and their probably never is a good time especially if you like it there and its your home after all.

Landlord could want possession for any number of reasons, they may have financial difficulties or just want the cash out, but its irrelevant.

I would recommend finding somewhere else as soon as you can, you would never be able to rest even if landlord did let you stay on longer. Act now while it’s fresh and leave on good terms with a good reference.

There will always be a landlord who will take a tenant with bad credit, if you have a guarantor the problem is solved. Be honest and keep your current landlord on side.

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IF you can show you are paying off your debt that would go a long way with me as a landlord. Many years ago my landlady gave me a break , I have never forgotten

I tried looking into the guarantor option but I’m not certain of the requirements, to be honest I don’t really know a lot of people as I’m a very private person. I only have my sister and my dad. I believe their is age limits or they have to be homeowners? If that’s the case then I’m stuck. I’m quite frustrated at the requirements for people with limited options. I was actually turned down for a few properties because I get uc as a top up to my wages even though my wages are around 80-90% higher than uc! I also explained to them that their properties were £100 less than what I’ve been paying for 15 years with no increases so its much better financially. Somehow, it’s still not considered. Feel bent over a barrel.

no age limit if Dad is on a pension and homeowner ,that may be sufficient

There are companies you can pay to act as guarantor. They require a percentage of the rent amount. Guarantid dot com is one and rent guarantor dot com. I know nothing about them nor can I vouch for this kind of service at all, but worth looking into.

A Guarantor has to be someone who earns 3.5 x the monthly rent and is UK based, there is also an option of paying 6 months up front but it all depends on your financial situation whether you could afford that.

No my dad isn’t a homeowner. He prefers renting through personal choice. I really do feel bent over a barrel here. I’ve seen stories of people having to move from house to house because of section 21s, basically preventing them from building a life. If I eventually find one I’m still going to be living in fear that I could receive another and have to start all over again.

Even if I could afford that, I’m still stuck with the ‘no pets’ policies. I’m not about to give up my elderly dogs who have been with us since they were babies.

15 years makes you a great tenant . I have had tenants of 22 years ,.as long as they pay the rent ,they stay. You are unlucky as landlord wants to sell. Most landlords will love you as a tenant

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Perhaps post on a social media platform for your area explaining your situation and see if anyone has anything to rent?