More detail on 'Verified tenant'?

Is there any more generic detail on a Openrent ‘verified tenant’ available on this (or other) website? Does having a ‘verified tenant’ apply for your property negate the need for LL to carry out their own (formal) ref/credit checks on the applicant entirely? I searched for more detail, but couldn’t find anything. Plenty about ‘verified landlord’. Thanks.

I asked the same thing, it is just to show it is not some random guy come up telling you unverified stuff. Take it as a pinch of salt. The only realistic purpose is just to make themselves standing out and then it in turns to encourage more people to verify themselves.

for example, the platform ideally want all people registered to ensure they are legit and verified but if they force people to fill in the form then people probably just turns away. So give the option to verify yourself it makes tenants stands out so landlord will choose them. So if you want to increase visibility as a tenant then this is the way and then more people follows. So this will result in openrent got what they wanted which is safe for all without forcing people to verify themself.

Hi @Barry2 -

Thanks for posting.

We’ll be putting more information about this service online in due course, it’s still being rolled out, so not all landlords/tenants will have this opportunity quite yet. Once fully rolled out, we’ll also add more messaging in the usual places (help centre / etc).

No. The verified tenant status only tells you what you can see in that box.

However, it means

  • You know if the tenant can be located via the credit agencies / electoral roll
  • You know the tenant doesn’t have a CCJ / other adverse credit, or if they do, some details about that.
  • You know if the tenant can provide a guarantor or not
  • When you do reference that tenant, it will be much faster (we have their details to run checks already)

A full reference report is much more in-depth (eg. verifies tenant / guarantor income) - you can read more about comprehensive referencing here:


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