Mould growth disrepair

When I first moved in I noticed a huge mould growth underneath the bathroom floor. Its a wooden floor covered with vinyl which was slightly bent at the edge connecting the shower base. When I lifted it it was completely black. I checked the other floor corners and almost more than half of the floor was filled with mould.

I reported it on the third day of moving in and the landlord said she was claiming home insurance. The repairs will be costly as the tiles will need to be changed and the shower and toilet removed. Contractor says it will take at least 5 working days so I wont be able to use the bath and toilet.

Its now been 5 months and nothing has been done. Her response hasn’t changed, the insurance still hasnt processed her claim. What should I do? My contract is 12 months and probably if I wait it will end without the repairs ever being done. Should I apply for housing disrepair?

could even be dry rot now under there . That is even worse.

I wouldn’t just live with the mould if I were you. Its very bad for your health. Can’t you get a mould spray cleaner and keep it under some control whilst your living there.


We provide some guidance on what to do if you find mould in the property in our Help Centre:


Not getting paid by the insurance company is not a valid reason. You need to report it to the council and get some pressure applied onto the landlord. you have been far too laid back.

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