Multiple bank details in same profile


I have been grappling with an unusual issue - which I have contacted support team, but not been able to resolve. There are two properties in my profile on openrent (both rented via openrent). Both have Rent collection enabled, however, I need them to pay their rents to different bank accounts. Openrent says, this cant be done as the bank account is set to the profile. So, i thought I can create two different profiles - but I cant figure out how to migrate one of the tenancies to a new profile without significant hassle. I contacted the openrent support team as well, but they suggested this cant be done.

Any thoughts/ideas?


Hi Soumya, thanks for raising this. It’s a really good feature idea and I’m pretty sure we’re going to build it asap.

I appreciate that doesn’t help you too much at the moment, but when it is live, I’ll come back and post the update here.

Thanks for sharing your product improvement ideas, as that’s how we can improve our service :slight_smile:


Hi Sam,
Thanks for responding.

Do you know in the interim - is there any way to migrate or move one of the tenancies to another (landlord) user profile? (so, I can set up separate bank details there-in)