My advert taken down due to the "fair usage policy"

Due to the high viewing request for my house OR have said that they have to pause my advert and i would have to purchase another advert to continue based on their fair usage policy:

10.2 Although we do not expect our fair usage limits to be breached by genuine landlords, we reserve the right to remove or limit all adverts which are generating a disproportionately high number of viewing requests, or where 3 months have elapsed from the time of publishing the advert.


1.I am not in control of who requests to view
2.I the landlord is dealing with all enquires and not OR

I don’t see how this causes an issue to OR and I feel it’s really unfair…

Anyone else in the same boat?

How many requests for viewings have you had for them to do that? I had over 40 in about a day & they left my property up - I had to suspend it myself in order to reply to everyone & organise viewings - they didn’t touch my ad, even though it was exploding.

Its been over 100 in 14 days

If you’ve had that many expressions of interest, have you actually replied & organised viewings? IMO you should probably have hit pause yourself at 50, max (even that would be too many for me personally to organise!). If you can’t find a good tenant with a hundred expressions of interest, then there’s an issue with your property anyway.

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Yea if I knew about the rule before hand maybe i would have,

Just because someone wishes to view doesnt mean they may be a good tenant…