Too many viewing requests

I have been overwhelmed by enquiries from people wanting to view my property. What is the protocol? Can I ignore the emails requesting viewing, there are so many.

Hi @Ann15 - We have articles in our help centre that might help you:

But yes, if you’re overwhelmed with enquiries I’d definitely pause your advert at the very least until you have reached out to all the tenants who have already enquired.


@Daz hi, are there any plans to remove the 100 limit? This causes a lot of problems and forces LL to have to take out new ads. In high demand areas especially enquiries can be overwhelming. Screening questions are ignored resulting in completely unsuitable applicants. Even if the rental price is set correctly.

Can I suggest that the limit only exists until all enquires are responded to by landlord, and then the limit extends. This maintains credibility of Openrents service from a tenants point of view.

Hi @Mark10 - Has this happened to you? I can’t see any currently available or recent ads on your profile. I also can’t see any that got anywhere near 100 responses in your entire advert history (since 2016). I’d be happy to look into cases from trusted members of the community that have received 100+ viewing requests, and all weren’t suitable, if you can point me to examples. However, in general, and even in these times of unprecedented demand:

a) If a landlord is overwhelmed by the number of enquiries, they should pause their advert ASAP.
b) The number of enquiries to successfully let a property, on average, is still around the 10-20 mark.

As such, we still see landlords who accurately describe their properties, and clearly state any restrictions on their advert, generally have a great experience with a manageable number of suitable tenant leads. Our average “time to let” a property is now at a record 3 days, and that is the one number that definitely moves with more tenant demand!

This is something we actively monitor, and if the quality of tenant enquiries is dropping for any reason (ie. enquiries to let a property goes up), that is something we’d aim to solve directly with the help of the whole community. It isn’t a good experience for anyone (tenant or landlord) to have unsuitable enquiries, and this is something we’ve always worked hard on - whether it’s providing landlords tooling like screening, making the process of outlining restrictions better, reducing spam, and many other tools and features to make sure landlords don’t need to wade through hundreds of enquiries to find someone suitable.

I’m open to looking at examples of edge cases, as well as ways we can improve the screening to ensure landlords only get enquiries from tenants that they find suitable or are likely to want to proceed with. However, the vast majority of users aren’t getting anywhere near these limits, and most of the ones who do, sadly aren’t following the simple steps above for a number of reasons that I don’t think most landlords would support.

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