My advert got stopped suddenly

Hi all, I paused my advert on OpenRent as I recevied large number of enquiries (100) for property while tenant has not yet moved out.

While I was trying to find slot with tenant and replying to all the inquieries, I paused my advert.

OpenRent has stopped my advertisement and messages all the applicants that property has been let.

It is such misinformation to applicants and lack of service to me for which I have paid.

It seems I have lost reply to all inquiries option as well

Can you please advise what I can do now in this case?


You haven’t lost all your tenant replies. You can still access them on your account if you paid for Rent Now.

I had a advert here on Openrent and it suddenly closed , I also had an advert on Spareroom and Spareroon didn’t close my advert . I found a tenant through Spareroom and I noticed I got about a three times more replies on Spareroom .
I dont think that Open rent closing down adverts is a good business policy

@Peter32 Did you pay to have advert listed on RightMove and zoopla or just the free listing? You have to have the paid for listing to be worth while. Openrent is a brilliant tool for all property types. Spare room is good for certain property types only.

Why was your ad stopped? Ads will understandably be suspended if you don’t reply to enquires sufficiently. Ads will also expire after 3 months.

Your comment is completely unfair.

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I didn’t advertise on RM or Zoopla , I just advertised on O.R and S.R and I didn’t pay on either place and I got adequate response for fill the room .
My advert was suspended because I didn’t reply to enough of the enquires , I didn’t reply to enquires like “Interested” “I’ll move in” “Give me a call” ect .
I can understand the frustration when perspective tenants don’t receive a reply , but also they often don’t reply back when you reply to them

Landlords agree to reply to tenants when signing up. OR have to keep standards high otherwise tenants lose faith in platform.
It’s not about volume it’s about quality.
Paying £29 for RM advertising and zoopla is better than good value! I don’t rent rooms so spare room isn’t an option.


I got a lot more replies from Spare room than I did on Open rent , which suggests that all the business is going there .
After my add on here go closed , I didn’t bother to open it again and just concentrated on Spare room applicants

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