My tenants asked to move out early

My tenants asked to move out early so they could return home overseas (they’re getting divorced). I forgave them the normal notice period and signed up a new tenant before the lockdown. For two weeks he has refused to communicate with me. Now we get to the moving date that they asked for and he’s refusing to leave until I give him the deposit. He knows I am self isolating 200 miles away, and a neighbour is there to safely collect his keys. How quickly does MyDeposit process payment? He won’t give the keys back until he gets the deposit and is threatening to re-enter the property. I must stress that I have never asked him to leave, he demanded it.

Hi Suzanne, very frustrating behaviour! MyDeposits have a great helpline. You can reach them here: 0333 321 9401.

I believe the deposit schemes pay out within 5 days of the deposit return being agreed by both parties. The people on that helpline will be able to see the details of your case and give more detailed help.