Named tenant moving out

Hi all,

I have 3 named tenants on my AST. They are a mother, father & daughter.

All 3 were referenced and all 3 were required on the ast to ensure they met affordability.

The daughter wants to move out. How does this affect the tenancy agreement? Do we have to draw up a new tenancy agreement? Can she move out and we make no changes to the tenancy agreement?

Thanks in advance

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It can get complicated. The easiest way for you may be to do nothing. She would remain a tenant and liable for the rent if the others default. You must not say or do anything that suggests you are releasing her from her obligations. If she is concerned about this she can serve notice once the tenancy becomes periodic. This will end the tenancy for all of them and they would either all leave or you would have to re-reference and give them a new agreement.


Many Thanks David122