Need advice about renting a HMO

Might be a daft question but I want to know if it’s possible for one person to rent two rooms in a house share if they could afford the rent as a friend of mine needs overnight care from carers agency and so needs to rent an extra room. The housing benefit he receives covers the rent for two rooms in a houseshare, would be easier if he could find a 2 bed flat but can not find any accepting HB

I would think most HMO landlords wouldnt hzve a problem with that. You now just have to find somewhere wuth 2 rooms available.

What would be the problem if you can prove affordability? He’s been looking for a 2 bed flat for over a year that accepts HB in Greater London and further out but no luck not many landlords take sympathy on his situation being on disability

I said I thought there wouldnt be a problem.