Need Guidance: Exiting Letting Agency Agreement After Long-Term Tenancy

I hope everyone’s well. I’ve come across a situation I’m hoping to get some guidance on.

I have a tenant who has been nothing short of fantastic over the past couple of years. He’s always punctual with rent payments, and from my end, I ensure all his concerns are addressed immediately. However, the hiccup arises with the estate agency through whom I found him. Communication with them has been challenging, and there’s a consistent delay in them forwarding me the rent even though my tenant pays on time.

I’m considering bypassing the agency and dealing directly with my tenant via OpenRent for a more streamlined experience for both of us. But, I noticed a clause in the agency’s T&Cs that reads: “Should you wish to cancel the agreement after a tenant has gone into occupation, an exit fee will be charged equivalent to one month’s rent plus VAT.”

The tenant has been residing in the property for almost three years. Do you think this clause still holds any weight? Has anyone faced a similar situation or can provide some insight?

Yes, it almost certainly will still apply.

If the agent are also managing the tenancy, you may in any case need some time to get up to speed on all the legal requirements.

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