Needing help asap

Hi me my 16 yr old daughter and her boyfriend are homeless we have to been sleeping on peoples sofas for over a yt now because cannot find anywhere in frome somerset to rent my dad passed away suddenly 5 yrs ago and left a bit of money for my daughter to get a dog on her 16th he was supposed to of surprised her with dog but died yrs before that so she has a dog he is amazing easily trained doesnt go upstairs hes house trained thought we had found a place was getting ready to move until the the bloke startedsending naked pics of himself and being disgusting couldnt risk it around my daughter so still looking if anyone on here knows of anywhere a 2 bed frome or anything please message me thank u

What’s the council said? Why haven’t they been able to offer you housing in over a year? Is it possible for you to move to an area that has more available housing?

Your daughter’s boyfriend will likely need to go through separately.

You should also report that landlord. If the texts were sent to your daughter then I believe that’s illegal. Even if they weren’t - reporting the behavior will give the police an awareness and record for the next time he does something.

It may be worth asking citizens advice if there’s anything else you can do against him.