I need help at wits end

I’m at my wits end, please can any one help. I will try to keep it short and relevant. I rent a flat and the guy who owns the flat underneath has a brain injury, he got badly beat up, he bought the flat with criminal compensation, he has it in his head my flat is a sex den and women are abused in it, he hears voices in his head, no one stays more than a few weeks, he posts all sorts on Facebook about residents, police won’t help, Facebook do nothing and anywhere I go they say the Tennant needs to complain, but they don’t want to get involved and just leave, he is from a well known bad local family, is there anything I can do, everything is just data protection and I cannot get anywhere, thank you,.

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When we had a bad apple, we just had to sell up at a loss because there was nothing we could do. I know it’s not a sellers’ market now, and I am sorry it’s happening to you.

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I had similar with a neighbour the woman would go berserk at the letting agent showing tenants around from language to turning music right up ! And when one tenant moved in she was ok for a week and she turned .
The tenant being clever recorded everything on moblie and wrote a letter be action But she continued And she ignored and he went to his solicitor and got them to threaten legal action and she shut up and he somehow got his fee repaid by her ! Then she left !
I would write a letter threatening legal action.


Jason . Love that result !!

Its not clear whether your the tenant above him or the landlord, but assuming youre the landlord then you will struggle to make headway with this issue for the reasons you say. I would suggest you either sell up or rent it to the Council, who will then have to deal with it.


Hi David I am the landlord, my tennants are abused constantly, I have tried, male, females, couples nothing deters him, it’s not right he should get away with it

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Thank you for the reply, I have thought of legal action but everyone I try says it has to come from Tennant?

Imo this is the worst thing that could happen for a landlord, because its not really fixable. You also have a legal duty to inform any prospective tenant before they rent the place.

My suggestions above were not flippant.

Tennant, Tenet or Tenant? Sell. Take a loss and save your mental health. Think of it as an investment in yourself and move on.


Thank you for the spelling lesson, will take your advice

It’s really not fair on T who is entitled to quiet enjoyment and pays the rent to do this extra work, which may involve spending money on solicitor. I wouldn’t do it. I also wouldn’t feel safe renting there. Who knows if verbal violence will escalate one day to a physical one?
Yvonne, we had a similar situation but it was even worse. We did sell up, we took the loss and never looked back.
You can try taking David’s advice and renting to CC if you can accept that your flat will be trashed. I personally wouldn’t.

Yes I agree with you, I have a selective license forced on me, is there any possibility I could go down that route

We had a selective license and a persistent anit-social behaviour in two of our properties. In one case TT almost left. We were passed from one department to the next, and everybody said that it was nothing to do with them. We never received any help, even though we spent hours and days on the phone. In both cases landlords evicted TT and sold up. They both agreed that it was not worth it for them. Both new LL.
It may be different for you. Do helpful CC exist? Selective License Agreement clearly says that they will help in case of anti-social behaviour in the block. In reality they don’t.

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Yes happy to take your money, but don’t want any hassle


Even worse, your anti-social is the owner. In theory they breach the terms of Agreement. What about other neighbours? He only bothers you?

This is very tricky, especially when disability or mental illness is involved- which in this case is.

The only thing I can suggest is to contact the mental health team to try and get him some support. If the individual is really unwell, and causing problems as you state, he should have carers, social services involved etc.

Has he capacity Is the question ?

Something for you to think about. The police won’t help, as it’s not a criminal matter, as such.

What about contacting the leaseholder ie the council directly and explain the situation. Maybe they could point you in the right direction.

It’s very challenging and frustrating- I understand!

I live and own my property- which is surrounded with many mentally unstable dangerous individuals suffering with severe mental illness psychosis in particular. The only way I dealt with these individuals was to get them help.

Hope this helps.


Yes only me as my flat is above his, so he is convinced he hears women been abused, he has rang the police a few times, they came out once the flat was empty!

Really desperate situation. Hopefully, somebody will come along with a helpful advice.

Mmmm… but by law if you have a dispute with a neighbour you have to disclose this when selling by law

And why did you presume that we hadn’t? We sold the flat through the same agent as we bought it from. They knew EVERYTHING. We told them. Though I have a sneaky suspicion that they might have known it before.