New freeholder being a pain

So I’m going to spend 5 months with my gf in Oz.

I’ve rented this flat out that I own for the last 7 years.

But we have new freeholders and one is causing problems and stress. Ordinarily because of some of the restrictions she’s looking at putting in place that will actually create vastly more problems.

Anyhow one such problem is she cited the lease and under the covenants she must be asked in writing whether I can rent my place. Never an issue before.

She has asked his name, number, employment status, copy of his passport or drivers licence and to meet him.

I am prepared to give name and number for practical purposes but the rest I am not going to provide.

She’s also getting the main door lock changed where keys can’t be cut for it and issuing two to each tenant. This is not in the lease. I’ve taken videos for her to show the door only closes and locks properly 50% of the time so no lock will fix that and it should be her primary security priority.

Issuing only two keys is daft. It’s a converted house with 3 flats. I’m tempted to press her legally on this as she’s pissed me off and her tenant is vulnerable and we take care of him including first aid when he arrives drunk and bloodied.

She is moving from the spirit of the lease to the letter of the lease with my tenant. I do not believe she has rights to know his job passport etc.

The keys thing I’m happy to guide her and if she ignores my advice she’ll be the person calling the ambulance for her tenant and she will have destroyed the goodwill of the building.

She’s new to the game. Reacts rather than thinks. I’m tempted to take her on legally but some of the conditions (ridiculous by the way and drafted early after the Bronze Age) under the covenant are not in my favour.

Thoughts? Particularly about vetting my tenant to a degree that probably breaks data protection laws.

And the keys thing. Currently my son, daughter, ex-wife and brother who all lives locally have keys. I had another cut for a neighbour in case I misplaced mine. He unfortunately suddenly died.

Thoughts on how to approach. My natural instinct is to fight this on various grounds including precedence of the precious free holders as well as interfering and causing distress by overstepping her remit as well as asking for private information. I also have videos that the main door does not lock any how so no keys are needed.

Should I go for an easy life or her jugular /s


I would just write a calm letter apologising for your oversight in not seeking prior permission, (which you should have done) and saying that you are happy to ask the tenant if he will meet with her if that will help, but that due to GDPR you are not able to pass her the details she has requested, but that you hope she will be reassured that the tenant was fully referenced, (which I hope you did).

Anything else you forgot? Mortgage lenders permission? Check your insurance covers lettings?

A key can be cut for anything . There are some high security keys which require you to produce proof you live there .IE council tax bill. then they cut the key I have such a lock on my front door .The manufacturer supplied me with 10 keys ! ! Now there is overkill.

Mortgage and insurance taken care of. Gas crt, deposit scheme, handbook etc all supplied. Friend of mine but also reference.

In future I’ll ask permission as it’s in a covenant altho it’s bullshit. I am going to see if I can buy a share of the freehold.

The key gig is ridiculous. I have sole access through a gate in my back garden entered via a small lane rendering her plans pointless.

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