Tennants contract ends in 7 days and they refuse to comunicate

Hi guys n gals.
Soooo i have a tenant who gave notice 2 months ago as they had split up with boyfriend.
the female who is the main tenant now refuses to reply or answer phone calls for no reason whatsoever.
her contract ends in 7 days and new tenants are moving in. i need to arrange key swap and also to inspect the house as they damaged the flooring and were supposed to replace before they left.
as she is just been plain awkward and not communicating and basically refusing me access what can i do in 7 days when the new tenant is due to move in?? as the new tenant has already paid the deposit and first months rent to open rent?

Sticky. I never advertise till a tenant has moved out


Oh dear. You have taken money for a property that may not be available. You need to sort something fast because the new family, if given notice on a previous place, are potentially homeless.


Go around the flat and knock on the door. Bring a copy of your contract which (hopefully) has a moving-out time stipulated. Show it to her and ask her when she wants check-out to be. Note you can’t demand a check-out/inventory until her time has lapsed. I always have 2 o’clock in mine (OR standard I believe too).

If she doesn’t answer leave a note explaining that you have tried to get in contact with her to arrange a check-out and that you will arrive at xx on xx to do one unless you hear from her. Leave contract with highlighted portions and a copy of her notice.

It is now a criminal offence to stay beyond her contract (if she gave notice it ends on that day) and you can call the police and they are duty-bound to help you. It might be worth letting her know that.

I always have a new tenant lined up if I know there are no major repairs needed - it’s not a problem. Normally with a one day gap so I have time to get cleaning if needed, or change a few lightbulbs etc.

Most likely she hasn’t found anywhere to go to (or they have got back together) so it might be worth letting her stay if she communicates with you.

ive have managed to get her to reply now… i threatened her with a bailiff if she didn’t reply… suddenly all her messages and phones work? thx for the advice… i intended to do exactly as you say :slight_smile:


The tenant gave notice 2 months ago and she even let me take future tenats round to view so she knew she should be vacating on the agreed date. i cant see a problem with letting a property that is legally available on that date as she should have moved out, surely if the other tennant has already paid rent then if there is a problem its upto the old tennant to compensate due to them breaking the contract and the law?

If she doesn’t move out then the problem with the new tenant falls to you. You have a contract with them and would have to pay for temporary housing until the property is available, although they would have to pay you the agreed rent.

Your options with the existing tenant depend on whether the tenants notice was valid, so:

  1. Is this a joint tenancy and if so did one or both serve notice?
  2. Is the tenancy still in the fixed term or is it now periodic?
  3. Did the notice give at least one month ending on the last day of a tenancy period?
  4. Was the notice clear that she/they are moving out and not just thinking about it?
  5. Did you formally accept the notice?
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yes to all the above :slight_smile: she has now agreed to communicate and comply by handing over on the 12th…
thx again for your input :slight_smile: much appreciated


The first 2 questions were not yes or no answers and if the tenant doesnt hand over on the 12th, you need to know what to do.

they both gave notice… one has already moved out and the other is leaving on the 12th Jan. the tennancy was periodic and they gave 2 months notice after the first 4 mths of the periodic term

OK thanks. When did the notice expire?

Hi its me again. My property istha due a gas safe certificates. I instucked my usual gas safe plumber to ring my tenant to arrange access to carry out the service. He said he’s too poorly at the moment, my plumber said ok I’m ring back next week. Tenant replied no I’ll ring you. This is lie that he’s ill because he’s working. Because theres a section 21 in progress he’s making things hard for me. What can I do???

You keep trying and you take witness statements from the gas engineers each time. When you have at least three documented attempts, you give that to the court as part of your documentation for the possession order. Its not guaranteed, but other landlords have reported positive results.