New Landlord - help I want to reference two couples

Hi Everyone
I’m hoping your collective brains will be able to help me.

I have two sets of tenants both ideal and have decided to reference them both before deciding. One couple pressed the green rent now button first and I went through ‘open rent’ to start referencing but it then sent a message to everyone else saying the property was ‘let’.

It says now that I need to relist to reference someone else -

Will this incur an extra charge? Is this is only way round it? What should i have done to avoid this problem in the future?

Has this person viewed the property? Have you met them? Have hhey completed an application form of any kind?

Hi David
Yes I’ve met both couples, and although I have a preference, I want to check references before I make a decision.
As for application form, is that something issued by Open Rent?
However I think I’ve pressed a button before I should have done

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Ah that’s rough.

I understand not wanting to lose the other tenant should this tenant’s referencing fail - but hopefully it won’t and it is possible you can just reference this one tenant and have it all work out fine.

I can’t comment on how the OpenRent site works. If it does cost extra you can ask them for a refund or to waive the cost as it sounds like an honest mistake. Hopefully they’ll explain how to avoid this happening in the future, too.

You can also let the other prospective tenant know the message went out in error and that you’re still interested in them and just need to do the referencing, if you haven’t already.

I have managed to reference them both and found my way to navigate back to my original list of enquiries. Once referencing done I can make my decision, but if I go with my preferred couple, then i think I have to decline the one I’ve (mistakenly) taken forward, which will enable me to relist and select the correct couple.
However, apart from getting used to the site and its workings, I have been quite impressed so far having managed to secure a potential tenant within 2 days of the advert going live.
I find this forum particularly useful, full of great knowledge.


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