New landlord not being very respectful

So we have just moved in to a house after finding one on open rent. The landlord is proving to be very rude and is entering the house without consent. She is saying it is our fault the house is not clean because she apparently agreed to let us move in early. She threatened to charge us cancellation fees because i confirmed no one would be in, she then let them in (without notifying us). She keeps sending me texts but telling me not to text her she has just told me she is going to enter the house today but i have not even consented and she has not given 24 hours notice. I am scared for the future. She complained my room was a mess for the cleaners that we had not consented entering (beside the fact the room was so tidy and i have just moved across the country and ally my stuff has been moved about and some of it is missing). What am i to do? Can openrent help?

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You could talk to her about how intrusive it feels. If it doesnt stop you could block her number and change the locks, keeping the old lock to change back when you leave. Bear in mind that this probably wont go down well with her.

I think that you are is known as “up shit creek without a paddle”. You signed a contract with the landlord, I would think, and now she believes that as she owns the property she can do whatever she wants to do… I would seek legal advice if I were you.

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