Landlord ignoring but responding to other enquiries

About two weeks ago we found the flat of our dreams. We asked for a virtual viewing and everything seemed great. We provided our details for referencing for the next step four days ago and we have not heard anything since! Followed up with a message and still no response.

My daughter then decided to make another account with a different name to see if the landlord would respond. They responded immediately saying the property is still available, they asked for employment details etc and she gave them made up details with a much lower household income. The landlord was more than happy to go forward and even offered to call.

Now we have no idea why we are being ignored. We think maybe it’s because we work in healthcare and are always in contact with Covid patients or have African sounding names (Fake account had an English name). Not too sure what to do at this point!

something wrong here, sounds like discrimintion !

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Agree with Collin, sounds Like a classic case of descrmination, i would pas this to the open rent team, or one of the tabloids, news channels. These people need to be exposed as this is just disgusting. All the best


It’s landlord prerogative to choose who he wants. We can speculate a lot of things here but do you want to sign an agreement with someone who you don’t trust?

ashley11.anyone who judges on how your name sounds seems strange. I used to run a retail business. The most polite people were the punks ,with coloured hair, unusual hair styles, and loads of piercings . Always a please and thank you. The older people were not so polite. Just the opposite of what you would imagine. So when you are applying for a place always best to meet face to face. tho I do understand how difficult at the moment

Hi Ashley,

We’re really sorry to hear about this situation.

In order for us to investigate this, please send an email to with the reference number of the property in question and we will look into this for you.

I agree it is definitely weird and not fair. I worked in retail myself and I couldn’t agree more.

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Thank you Rosa. I will definitely be passing this on. She needs to be exposed. She could have done this to many other people!

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I completely understand this. But after getting all our personal details a polite “no” would have been better instead of just ignoring.


you are quite right but in the internet world no reply is common.

Hi glad I found this thread although an old one I too did the same, yes I get some rent help but my partner is going in with me until his job moved closer. I have had debts in past relationship but gave worked hard to pay them off. Never missed rent excellent references guarantor the lot. Soon has I’m honest with landlords they ignore or reject. I opened a new one and made it look all rosey and bang wanted to know me. Contacted open rent they said landlords can refuse uc claimants this is disgusting

Hi I have sent a few messages now regarding a property I haven’t heard one thing back from this even sent a few last month to landlord still no reply can someone help me out please