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We are tenants to with my wife and 5 years old. We move in and we found out some things are not working. Example shower was broken (rusted) the water just spread everywhere in the bathroom (the landlord come out to check and he told me because I am not able to fix he has to buy a new one), at least 5 sockets are not working kitchen, bedroom, and living room. We found some issues in the house which we reported we told them we don’t want to fix, just when we moving out we don’t want to be deducted our deposit. After this the landlord called my wife and he is shouting with her you are have to many issues if you don’t like the house move out they will pay everything (but I after this I don’t think so they will).

So we are shocked now. Should we report to the issue throw OpenRent? Unfortunately it happened in the past when we don’t reported these issues they deducted our deposit.

They didn’t give us any Inventory & Check-In Reports, if they didn’t do that they cannot complain any damages? This should be uploaded at OpenRent?

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It sounds like you have an unreasonable landlord. I wouldn’t worry about the deposit it I were you. without a signed inventory he has little hope of making any deductions. It sounds like you would be better off with a new property if he is willing to let you go. If you are still within the first 4 weeks of your tenancy, you may have a legal right to end it and receive ALL your money back anyway.

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