New Landlord - Question re fixing problems in a timely manner

Be aware boilers have gone up and the cost of a new boiler depends on a few other things, if it a like for like, I. E combie for Combie or system for system Where a system boiler is replaced by a combie or vv more work is required plus removing all wiring, parts, tanks in the roof, old piping, adding pipework takes time. Whilst a chemical clean of the pipe woirk and rads should always be done, often a complete system flush is needs to clean a dirty system ( internal pipework and rads) may be required. Once done your boiler system will work so much better and heat up quicker. This is at an extra cost though.
10 year warranty offers a lot of piece of mind plus as said costs spread over the period are £170-250 pa. You do of course have to have an annual service (check up) which is around £50-100 depending on your area.

Check you don’t have and loose joints on the rads trv ( thermostats) as these sometimes cause the pressure to reduce.

Best way to bleed a system is turn on, heat rads, TURN THE BOLIER OFF, bleed rads and keep the pressure up by adding water via the inlet fill taps, normally under the boiler. Do remember to turn both fill taps off under the boiler when finished

Just wanted to drop a quick message to say thank you for all the feedback, I’ve had the plumber come in now, the boiler was under warranty so it didn’t cost anything thankfully but there was a problem with the expansion valve that has now been sorted so everything is working as normal. I do appreciate all the comments and suggestions and will definitely be taking the advice on board going forward, thanks all.


You are extremely lucky to have a gas engineer with such integrity.

Mine charge almost double for service as well as a gas cert.

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HI Harry 10

Most landlords and owner occupiers find from time to time repairs don’t go smoothly. Sometimes diagnosis is difficult and initial suspicions as to the cause of a problem turn out to wrong.
Sometimes tradesmen who are adequately qualified finds a problem is beyond their capacity to fix and you need another specialist
Or parts or unavailable.
Or a job turns out to be more complex than first diagnosis and you tradesman does not have enough space in his diary to complete it without a long wait so you have to decide between waiting for him/her and finding someone else and starting the process over again. (Its a bit like when you go to a GP and they cant sort it out but refer you to hospital consultant who has a waiting list )

You can only do your best but it is important to document everything and keep records. Avoid dealing with anyone who takes cash payments and won;t have anything in writing as you can’t prove you took action.

If you phone round and find no-one had availability record date and time and result of each call . It is your defence if a tenant claims you did nothing. or did not deal with an issue

Many mobile phone snow are able to give a transcription of each call.!

Keep a record of your discussions with tenants and your visits to the property.